List of new versions and latest updates of MapTiler

Version 7.2

Released: 2016-10-24

  • New GeoEditor mobile and tablet app
  • Offline tiles on mobile devices via Google Drive instead of Dropbox
  • Corners location for easier indoor / floor maps
  • Geodetic tiles preset under Custom tiles
  • Simple resume mode (continue rendering of stopped process) [Pro]
  • Baidu maps native tiles on the output supported
  • Selectable bands (reorder or ignore bands) and graphically CLI
  • Packages for new version of Linux distributions Fedora and Ubuntu

Version 7.1

Released: 2016-09-06

  • Vector tile upload from MBTiles to S3 / Google Cloud Storage directly from MapTiler or cloudpush command-line utility
  • Preview MBTiles with vector or raster maps with a double-click on your desktop, even offline
  • Help menu contains now online tutorials, manual and link to support channels
  • Prevent deleting of unfinished tilesets (GUI dialog or -keep_unfinished argument) [Pro]
  • Several other small improvements and bug fixes

Version 7.0

Released: 2016-07-05

  • Auto-save of the georeference. When a file is reopened, previous georeference is loaded
  • Visual preview of overlay in the Georeferencer - before tile rendering!
  • Transformations available (scaled, similarity, affine, polynomial, TPS)
  • Map portal for your customers with one click, hosted on Amazon or Google cloud
  • Retina/HighDPI with variable scale on all profiles including raster
  • Background map added to MBTiles preview
  • Icons for easy upload to mobile and cloud hosting
  • Legend, including image, stored in metadata of generated MBTiles maps
  • HTTPS hosting on Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage
  • Now unavailable MapQuest maps were replaced with our own base maps

Version 0.6.4

Released: 2016-03-03

  • Merge 2 maps into 1 or update existing maps in MBTiles format [Pro]
  • Open maps in any coordinate system in GIS software thanks to WMTS (via metadata.json and
  • Upload to Amazon S3 / Google Cloud Storage with progress bar
  • Support of transparency in input files with color palette
  • Deep zoom in Google Maps without automatic tilt
  • Improved accuracy of location in GeoPDF
  • Option to ignore alpha channel in input files
  • Newly rendered MBTiles prepared for faster merging
  • Automatic deactivation on virtual machines with system variable
  • Bug fixes and GUI improvements


Released: 2016-01-04

  • Uploading map tiles to new Amazon S3 buckets fixed (cloudpush utility)
  • Correct signature of application on Mac OS X

Version 0.6.3

Released: 2015-12-09

  • Viewers for Hybrid tile format generated
  • Improved Georeferencer: visual assigning of geolocation
  • WebP as new tile format
  • Keyboard shortcuts in GUI
  • Fixed generating KML on Windows
  • Utility nearblack-vrt on command line [Pro]
  • Rewritten CloudPush CLI [Pro]
  • Reset default values buttons in dialogs
  • Compression level settings for Tile Formats (JPEG, PNG)
  • New overviews resampling method: Nearest neighbor [Start]
  • Added -tiling_centered option for Advanced tiles
  • Bug fixes and GUI improvements

Version 0.6.2

Released: 2015-09-24

  • Zoomable preview for all supported input files (MrSID, ECW, GeoTIFF,..)
  • OpenLayers3 HTML viewer generated for produced tiles
  • Help -> "Submit a report" for easy detailed bug reports
  • Hybrid format for mercator tiles in the GUI
  • Cutline in different coordinate system supported
  • Tiling resolution to fit output or to fit input added
  • Updating existing large MBTiles with merge_mbtiles utility [Pro]
  • Save project / load project command-line compatible [Pro]
  • Rendering empty tiles into directory with -no_sparse [Pro]

Version 0.6.1

Released: 2015-06-09

  • GeoPDF performance improved (PDFium)
  • JPEG2000 performance improved (Kakadu)
  • Cutline from a shapefile
  • Transformation for GCPs selectable: affine, polynomial, tps
  • GCPs assignable on command line [pro]
  • Several small fixes on the 0.6 release
  • Faster rendering for sparse tilesets [pro]
  • Sparse MBTiles (without empty tiles) with advanced option or -sparse [pro]

Version 0.6

Released: 2015-02-03

  • Automatic OGC WMTS service - for any hosting including Amazon S3 / Google Cloud Storage or your existing web server. Open your maps in ArcGIS or QGIS directly after upload!
  • Mobile Apps showing GPS position on the rendered map tiles - online or offline for Android: and iOS:
  • Garmin GPS hardware devices supported - Custom Maps via KML
  • Visual georeferencing with satellite map layer possible
  • Advanced settings of zoom levels in the user interface of MapTiler Pro with different files at different zoom levels
  • New sample viewers for the tiles (OpenLayers, OL3, MapBox JS, ArcGIS API for JavaScript)
  • 3D globe viewers with WebGL for the tiles (WebGLEarth, OL3Cesium)
  • Linux .rpm packages for RedHat/CentOS
  • Linux .deb packages for Debian/Ubuntu
  • Windows binaries with SSL signature

Version 0.5.5

Released: 2014-09-30

  • integration - easier search for coordinate systems
  • Amazon S3 + Google Cloud Storage fast uploader (cloudpush)
  • Amazon S3 regions in Settings
  • MBTiles offline viewer on double click
  • Watermark as Advanced option in MapTiler Pro
  • Cutline for GeoPDF via checkbox
  • Faster application of SRS to large number of files
  • Drag&drop a folder with input files possible
  • Improved Google Earth profile output
  • Fixed bugs (trial extension, unicode filenames, missing -resampling, empty output directory, etc)

Version 0.5.4

Released: 2014-07-11

  • GeoPDF + PDF files can be rendered into map tiles
  • Automatic cutline loading for GeoPDFs
  • Cutline editable in visual georeferencer
  • Settings dialog (web proxy, temp folder,..) and a license dialog
  • Auto-update for Pro customers
  • New easy-to-use version of TileServer-PHP (
  • OGC WMTS (ArcGIS compatible) from Amazon S3 or a custom server out of the box (via
  • SSL upload to Amazon S3 switched certificates because of Heartbleed Bug
  • 3D visualization on virtual globes with WebGL (
  • Opening ArcGIS Web Mercator georeferenced raster files (WKT)
  • Improved MBTiles file output for dateline crossing maps
  • MBTiles offline viewer improved
  • Customer Experience Improvement Program
  • Bug fixes and upgrade of the GDAL library and GUI