Online GeoEditor

Online GeoEditor functionality and tips

GeoEditor Web is a simple online app for collaborative creating and editing of basic geographical data - just draw points, polygons and lines on top of the maps. For every shape, you can record additional information or attach a photo.

Create a geometry features

For creating a new vector layer, use the NEW button. You will create a new temporary vector layer in GeoJSON format, and you can start adding features. If you want to download the layer, just click on DOWNLOAD and you will get the file immediately. It is recommended to save the work directly to your Google Drive with a SAVE button. You have to allow Google Drive to use the application.

The editing of the geometry is simple. Just use the button with the arrow at the bottom of the page and then click to select the feature. If you need to add vertex (vertex is a point which defines the line or polygon) or move the existing one, just drag with them. Deleting of the point can be done by clicking on a vertex. If you need to remove the whole geometry, just use the DELETE button.


Open a file

You can use the drag&drop function to open the vector overlay from the desktop quickly. The GeoJSON, TopoJSON and GPX formats are supported. To open the file from Google Drive, use the OPEN button. Google Drive plugin can make the opening faster (read more below).

Collaborative editing

The GeoEditor online application allows you to work with your map collaboratively. It means that you can easily invite your colleague or friend by a simply sharing the URL with anyone. The collaborative editing works just like the collaborative editing in Google Docs.

Independent of coordinate system

Default coordinate system is Web Mercator with EPSG code 3857. Opening the tiles with custom coordinate system processed by MapTiler is possible. The coordinate system for creating of the feature is the same as a coordinate system of the base layer.

Google Drive Plugin

We implement GeoEditor also as a Google Drive app to quickly display the GeoJSON from your Drive. Just go to GeoEditor Google Chrome Web Store page and add the app to your browser. It is designed for simple use on Google Chromebooks.