Coordinate systems

Although vector tiles are usually created only in Web Mercator projection (EPSG:3857), we are able to encode and display the vector tileset in any other coordinate system that is suitable for your project.

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Custom coordinate systems with Mapbox SDKs

All open-source SDKs from Mapbox can display the custom prepared vector tiles in the non-Mercator coordinate, such as the Swiss coordinate system (EPSG:2056) in this example, even on native mobile applications.

OpenStreetMap Vector Tiles in Swiss Coordinate system CH1903+ / LV95 (EPSG:2056)

683300.0 247350.0

Vector tiles in your EPSG

OpenLayers and other viewers can directly display the vector data from tiles prepared by our process without reprojecting and loss of precision, if the original data such as cadastral maps are directly encoded with OpenMapTiles workflow.

Web map services compatible with existing WMTS

The same style can be applied to create a web mapping services perfectly compatible with existing national WMTS endpoints - for standardized use in QGIS, ArcGIS and other tools.

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View this map and get WMTS links (for QGIS or ArcGIS) at

Tiles (and maps) in many other coordinate systems are already available on MapTiler Cloud as well. See

Other coordinate systems

We are able to provide data in any requested coordinate system.

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Custom CRS Switzerland
Custom CRS Switzerland
Custom CRS Switzerland

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