The process of activation and deactivation licence in MapTiler.

Each MapTiler license requires activation. To activate, go into menu MapTiler -> License, paste the license key and click on Activate. As you can see, the Free sign changes to Start/Plus immediately. Please be aware, that MapTiler Pro has a different installer to MapTiler Start/Plus.


One license is limited to one computer at a time. In case of a hardware change, re-install of operating system or migration to another computer, the MapTiler license must be deactivated. Software automatically deactivates with uninstall as well. To deactivate, go to menu MapTiler -> License and click on Deactivate.

MapTiler is ready to accept small changes in your machine - changed hard disk, updated CPU, increased RAM. But these changes cannot be done together, as this could lead to lost activation.

In exceptional cases like a hardware failure, the software has to be deactivated manually. In such case, please contact us.