Category Processing

Category with articles about processing of maps

Position of the map (Georeferencing)

Define by three clicks where your map is located on the Earth

Georeferencer - complete functionality list

Full list of MapTiler functions in visual location assignment mode

Coordinate systems

Basics for working with coordinate systems in maptiler.

Geospatial PDF

Create tiled map from Geospatial PDF.

Map transformations

Image transformations.

Merge multiple layers in one map

Merge two or more tile layers in one map.

Merging MBTiles

The MapTiler can easily merge MBTiles files in one.

Custom watermark

Creating custom watermark from text or image

Retina - HiDPI tiles

Description Retina - HiDPI tiles

Advanced image settings

Advanced image settings includes several options that you can use during tiling.

KML SuperOverlay

Create overlays of the Google Earth.

Make tiles for high-resolution aerial imagery of USA

Generate map tiles from the high-resolution aerial imagery of HRO and NAIP datasets available for free from the U.S. government and use them on the web or in mobile applications

Create a 3d online globe

A tutorial, how to create a 3d online globe and visualise in WebGLEarth.

Coordinates, tile bounds and projection

Tiles à la Google Maps.