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Mobile App Source Code

The MapTiler Mobile app can be modified for your business purpose, tailored to the needs of your customers and released under your company brand on the mobile app stores.

Just build your own business logic on top of the existing functionality and speed up development and release of your own mobile application.

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Publish the app under your name and with your logo

With minimal effort, the app can be released under a new name on Google Play and App Store. Thanks to access to the full source code, all modifications you need are technically possible.

It is easy to create a map design fitting your brand or use case in a few mouse clicks.

Map catalog presenting your maps

The users can choose from the list of your maps

Do you want to suggest your maps to the users of your mobile app just after they start the app?

The catalog section of MapTiler Mobile app was designed for this purpose. It would be even possible to ask your users for an access code or log-in to their account - to present maps relevant only to one user.

Note: At the moment, map catalog exists as an API endpoint and we are working on a web administration interface.

Android and iOS

Native code for two operating systems

The mobile app has been developed for the two most popular mobile platforms independently. This brings the best performance on all devices, native look&feel and system integration to all end users.

The Android version is powered by Kotlin. On the iOS platform, the code is implemented in the Swift programming language. Both platforms share the mapping core which is powered by MapLibre SDK (fork of Mapbox SDK) implemented in C++.

Mapbox and Google Maps SDKs together

Combine features of the most popular mapping platforms

We have forked the standard open-source version of Mapbox SDK and add an ability to load maps from local MBTiles files. The maps can come from any web hosting, be bundled with the app, loaded from local SD card or downloaded from MapTiler Cloud.

The app can also use Google Maps SDK for mobile - which enables the most popular Satellite and Street background maps for your own maps and data in the online mode.

Collect data

Drawing tools, attached photos and GPS location

You get the source code for all the cool features available in the MapTiler Mobile app. The application shows the position of a user using GPS location. It runs offline. Field data collection is possible by drawing nodes, lines & polygons, writing notes and attaching photos to visited landmks.

Maps even offline

MBTiles files or custom hosting

Maps generated with MapTiler software and raster tiles saved in MBTiles format can be directly displayed in the mobile app.

The user either directly loads the maps from MapTiler Cloud, a hosting on a webserver (online), or he can transfer the whole map stored in an MBTiles package into the mobile device for offline use - from the catalog, web link, or email.

The online maps can be added via TileJSON endpoint, or via a link with “{z}/{x}/{y}” placeholders. The app registers the `maptiler://` protocol for deep linking from websites and external systems.

Source code delivery

The great starter for your commercial project

The source code, or its parts, can be used in your commercial products or any other projects of your company as long as you don’t share the code with third-parties. It is your business.

The code is provided "as is" for the Android and iOS in the form of access to a private repository on GitHub (you need to let us know your account name), you can fork our private repo and give access to all members of your development team.

Updates are available to users with an active MapTiler Cloud Unlimited plan. Updates to the mobile app source code and upgrades to new versions of SDKs are delivered via GitHub if done on our side.

Automated Builds and Crash Reporting

Save time on repetitive tasks and be more efficient.

The source code contains workflows for Github Actions which will save your time and increase productivity in your team. Included workflows implement continuous integration as wel as automated release management (both App Store and Google Play store).

The project also comes with the solution for protecting your sensitive files such as certificates or provision profiles using git-secret.

To get clear, actionable insight into app issues the application uses powerful crash reporting which you can just reconfigure so that it uses your account.

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Support and new development

Support and customization of this application are not part of the source code package, but you can buy it separately and is charged per hour. Contact sales for more details.

Premium support packages start at $10 000.

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