Protect your maps with fully customizable watermarks

Published May 30, 2023

Protect your maps with fully customizable watermarks image

Introducing MapTiler Engine 12.1

We have released a new version of our ultimate map tiling software. MapTiler Engine 12.1 can now:

  • be used in any environment, including your secure company network without an internet connection
  • secure your maps and raise brand awareness with fully customizable watermarks
  • help you plan your map production with accurate time estimates

Personalize zoomable maps with your own watermark

Choose between image and text watermarks to let your brand shine or let your users know how they can use your maps. We’ve upgraded the watermarking in MapTiler Engine, so you have more control over how they look and how much impact they have on the user.

For a more visually-oriented result, choose an image (e.g. your company logo), set the opacity, and it is ready. Your logo will be shown on every map tile. If you would rather design your own text watermark instead, simply type your text and choose a font, font size, and opacity to create a great-looking text watermark.

MapTiler Engine Output Viewer

On-Premise (offline) floating license support for private networks

If you use a larger number of MapTiler Engine licenses on a private network, this new feature will make your life a lot easier. You can now distribute your licenses in your network without the need to access the internet. Simply install the newly released On-Premise License Server on your network. After activation, the license will be controlled by the On-Premise License Server running on your side.

MapTiler Engine On-Premise License

Tile Rendering time estimates

MapTiler Engine 12.1 keeps you continuously informed about remaining and elapsed time while it converts your data to a zoomable map. This is vital information for those converting huge datasets so you can plan when to start processes running and have an accurate estimation of when you can expect the results.

MapTiler Engine Rendering estimates

Download MapTiler Engine now!

MapTiler Engine 12.1 is now available for download. Get the latest version from the website and explore the beauty of zoomable maps.

Jaroslav Polacek

Product Manager
Published on May 30, 2023

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