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MapTiler can power your products

Automated processing of drone photos, large aerial photos of states or even daily streams of imagery from satellites. MapTiler is designed to handle high volumes of data and can even be installed as a backend on your server and called from other applications.

Command line API

Everything you know from the desktop user interface can be used with your own web or desktop applications. All functionality of MapTiler Pro is available for calling from any other software via command line. You can check the examples and all technical details in the MapTiler manual. MapTiler can be therefore used as SDK for your own product. In specific cases, MapTiler can also be integrated and distributed as a part of other product such as yours.

MapTiler gui
MapTiler cloud

Google, Amazon or private cloud

MapTiler SDK supports multiple Infrastructure as a Service (IAaS) providers - for example Amazon AWS EC2 or Google Cloud Compute Engine - which can be used to process thousands of input files with raster geodata, or even daily streams of imagery from satellites. The benefits of IAaS are high stability of the process and significant savings of a rendering time required to finish the task.


The complete MapTiler Pro application with all its dependencies is available as a Docker container, compatible with any Linux system. With Docker it is very easy to install MapTiler Pro on a single cluster node with a single, simple command:

docker run -ti --rm -v $(pwd):/data klokantech/maptiler maptiler -o outputdir input.tif

For detailed information continue to Docker Hub. For large cluster deployments, contact us.

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MapTiler devices

Web-based Georeferencing

The visual assignment of location used in MapTiler Pro is powered by our service. It is easy to use, but also supports advanced features such as transformation methods (affine, polynomial, tps), various coordinate systems and map projections (epsg), real-time preview of map overlay in web browsers, and more. This system can also be integrated with your products or web services. For more details see:

Overlay Corners for Leaflet and Google Maps can be used to automatically provide input data for MapTiler Pro using a simple Javascript based image overlay editor. Example use-case: georeferencing floor plan maps. We can assist with application of these technologies - contact us.

Mobile App & Data Collection

View your GPS position on your maps, even offline, without internet connection. Add custom points with descriptions and draw over maps with an ease. Get the source code of our GeoEditor mobile app and speed up the development and release of your own mobile application for displaying the maps made with MapTiler. Create a mobile app with your own brand, your maps and functionality your customers need!

For more details see mobile page.

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