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Features of MapTiler Cloud


Free world maps

Power your maps with our data, from entire globe down to the street level.


Customize look & feel

Switch language, select layers and change colors to match your brand and make a perfect map.

Upload your own maps

Upload maps processed by MapTiler Desktop and host them on our infrastructure.

Use anywhere

Display maps on the web or in your application. Use on Android, iOS or in desktop GIS.

Ready to use base maps

Select the map design or adjust it with our built-in editor

Streets thumbnail Streets
Satelitte hybrid thumbnail Satellite
Topo thumbnail Topo
Basic style thumbnail Basic
Bright style thumbnail Bright
Positron thumbnail Positron
Dark matter thumbnail Dark Matter

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Customize maps

Customize maps online

Our maps can be changed instantly in the cloud. Fit map to your brand or design same map as is look and feel of your website or app. Your customers will be fascinated.

Change colours, languages and more. All can be done online with a few clicks in Customize tool. We have also Editor for advanced editing of symbology.

Available hosting functions


Vector tiles

Mapbox SDK, native MVT clients


Raster tiles

Leaflet, OpenLayers, XYZ


Map services



Static maps

Thumbnails and print output

MapTiler Desktop integration

MapTiler Desktop is a software for converting your data into fast zoomable maps. It allows you to load any image or geodata and get a tiled map which can be uploaded to MapTiler Cloud.

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MapTiler gui

Geographical data for the whole world

The core of our map hosting are vector tiles and carefully processed geographical data. We turn them into reliable and beautiful map layers which can be used in your own maps and products.

The system is powered by OpenMapTiles, project developed with love by the maintainers and contributors of this project. Our maps are made from open-data and with open-source software.

OpenStreetMap vector tiles
OpenStreetMap vector tiles
OpenStreetMap vector tiles
OpenStreetMap vector tiles
OpenStreetMap vector tiles