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Geocoding API for place name search

Find any place on the Earth, down to the street level.

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Place name search

Transform place names to geographical coordinates.

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Reverse geocoding

Get a human-readable place name for given coordinates.

API reference
reverse geocoding for given coordinates
autocomplete code of a JavaScript component


Create autocomplete using our prepared JavaScript component.

REST API for developers

Get a single endpoint responding to GET requests via RESTful API. Use it in your web or mobile app.

rest api
various languages for geocoding

Set language preferences

Get results in a specific language or multiple preferred languages.

Filter by a bounding box

Get search results only from the specified area or use proximity to your preferred area.

bounding box for filtering results
geocoding response in geojson format

Response in GeoJSON format

Get a response in a GeoJSON with FeatureCollection at the root, so the individual result items are in a features array.

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