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Geocoding API for place name search

Find any place on Earth (states, cities, streets down to the address level etc.) or find a place name for your coordinates.

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Place and addresses search

Transform place or address to geographical coordinates (forward geocoding) and vice versa (reverse geocoding).

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Search the database for locations

Administrative unites search on MapTiler Street map
Administrative units
named places search on MapTiler Street map
Named places
Road search on MapTiler Street map
address search on MapTiler Street map
Postal codes search on MapTiler Street map
Postal codes

Reverse geocoding

Get a human-readable place name for the given coordinates. Using this part of the MapTiler API, you can share information about locations identified via mouse clicks or GPS track devices.

API reference


With this feature, your mapping application can help your users to predict the rest of a word - or part of an address that he types into the input field.

Address and place search auto-completion can easily integrate your map using our JavaScript component.

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How to use MapTiler Geocoding?



Directly query the MapTiler Geocoding API using REST interface. Read the Reference Documentation. Use these examples:


Client JS

A Headless JavaScript library utilizing the MapTiler API. Client JS simplifies access to the MapTiler geocoding API.


Geocoding control

The Graphical JavaScript/TypeScript component for Leaflet, MapTiler SDK, and any mapping library built on Client JS.

Set language preferences

Get results in a specific language or multiple preferred languages.


Search locally with a bounding box or proximity

Get search results only from the area specified by a bounding box.

Classify search results based on the proximity from you or distance from a defined area..

Bounding box example
Proximity example
filtering by placetype

Filter results by type

Set your application to return only the relevant results with a place type filter. You can use types including County, Neighborhood, Place, or Point of Interest.

API Reference

Country-aware search

The output of the search can be limited to a specific region. Focus search on the region will give more precise results faster.

bounding box for filtering results
batch geocoding

Bulk address lookup with batch geocoding

Lookup multiple addresses in a single request thanks to the power of batch geocoding. Turn text files with addresses into coordinates in bulk.

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