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MapTiler ❤️ Open source

We believe in the importance of
open source in geographical systems.

Join the community to build a better world.

Together with the amazing community, we create a set of open source components and tools for building Geographic Information Systems.

Pick your favorite project based on your skills or interests and start contributing today! Newcomers are welcomed.

Projects we maintain on GitHub

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SQL, Docker

Open source maps made for self-hosting.

Free OpenStreetMap vector tiles for everybody. GitHub: openmaptiles logo


Search in a database of all spatial coordinate systems,
accessible via API and user-friendly web interface.


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Map tile server based on node.js designed for serving
and rasterizing OpenSteetMap vector tiles. GitHub: tileserver-gl

TileServer-PHP logo



Tiny map tile server designed for serving pregenerated
raster and vector tiles with WMTS written in PHP.

GitHub: tileserver-php

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An open source virtual globe using WebGL with
plug-and-play API compatibility with LeafletJS library.

www.webglearth.comGitHub: webglearth2

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SQL, Python

Place names from OpenStreetMap. Downloadable.
Ranked. With bbox and hierarchy. Ready for geocoding. GitHub: osmnames

Tiles a la Google Maps:

Python script for utilities for conversion between tiles and coordinates.


Google Firebase integration for Flask.

Do you use our projects, and find them helpful? Show your love ❤️ and post a tweet with a link and mention @maptiler. We are keen to promote your work!

Contributions to FOSS community

OpenLayers: Raster reprojection

Dynamic in-web-browser warping of raster layers to
various map projections done by MapTiler team!


Essential open source data processing core has our code inside!
Check the map tiling tool and PDFium.

OL-Cesium: 3D globe in OpenLayers

Synchronization of the view and raster layers between
2D OpenLayers and 3D Cesium globe.

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Blog posts about open source

NOAA pilots use Open-source Tileserver image

NOAA pilots use Open-source Tileserver

Create and self-host maps for your websites and products with MapTiler platform.

TileServer: an open-source tool to publish maps online image

TileServer: an open-source tool to publish maps online

Create and self-host maps for your websites and products with MapTiler platform.

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