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IP Geolocation API

Get information about your visitors location and serve content explicitly targeting them.

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IP Geolocation API

Center map to visitor’s location

Show your users the map of the city where they are currently located.

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Center map to visitor’s location

Disputed borders based on the user’s country

Display borders according to the official policy of the country your visitor joined from.

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EU cookie bar

Get information that a person connects from the EU region and display the EU cookie bar required by the regulation.

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Documented API for developers

Our service is easy-to-use for both junior and senior developers.
The API is well documented with real-life code samples.

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Test our IP geolocator API

Check your IP by Whois geolocation.

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Content based on IP location

Serve users from different locations with content that is specific to their area.

Show sales offer valid for a given country or references that resonate in that region.

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Block web traffic from specific countries

Use geolocation API if the law requires you to block traffic from certain countries.

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