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Visualize Weather Forecast with WebGL

Published May 12, 2021

New JavaScript components for animating weather data like temperature, wind flow, or any other scientific information were developed by our team. You can use weather...

Launching MapTiler Switzerland

Updated Apr 28, 2021

MapTiler has Swisness in its DNA since the very beginning. After success in the international field, we are now focusing more deeply on our homeland...

French imagery ready for your next project with MapTiler

Published Mar 31, 2021

High-resolution coverage of the entire FranceWe are glad to announce that the whole french open imagery is now included in the MapTiler Satellite basemap. Ready-to-use...

Swisstopo maps via API or offline

Published Mar 05, 2021

The recently launched swisstopo maps are now available for commercial use from MapTiler’s global infrastructure with guaranteed SLA, seamlessly blended with global maps, as raster...

MapTiler Desktop 11 with enhanced UX

Updated Mar 10, 2021

After a year of heavy development, we release the 11th version of our data-into-maps converting software MapTiler Desktop. The already easy to use interface was...

Launch of the swisstopo vector maps

Published Feb 25, 2021

MapTiler Team has been working with swisstopo, the Swiss Federal Office of Topography, to develop a new vector map for the modern user. The Swiss...

How we provide maps for Geocaching

Published Feb 18, 2021

Geocaching is a world-wide game where people search for hidden treasures. MapTiler provides the official website data for the background map that shows where all...

OpenMapTiles 3.12: improved city centers

Published Jan 28, 2021

The most visible change in our open-source map publishing project OpenMapTiles 3.12 is in rendering buildings on zoom level 13, adding new features to the...

MapLibre: Mapbox GL open-source fork

Updated Feb 05, 2021

After Mapbox announced the closure of Mapbox GL JS, their JavaScript library for displaying maps using WebGL, the community made a collective decision to maintain...

Launching MapTiler Data for self-hosting

Published Dec 18, 2020

MapTiler Data has launched. It provides ready-to-use geographical data of the entire world for your web & mobile applications and the use-cases you have - including on-premise...

Deploy maps of the entire world from your server

Published Dec 03, 2020

Street, satellite, and terrain maps of the entire world can easily run from your server, private cloud, virtual machine, or laptop. Serve global maps online,...

Maps for Adobe After Effects

Published Dec 02, 2020

Maps are crucial tools to give your stories geographic context. For visual content creators, the GEOlayers plugin in Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool...

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