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Monitoring Air Quality During Wildfires, in Partnership with PurpleAir

Published Sep 14, 2020

MapTiler is proud to support PurpleAir’s map and mission to improve the accessibility of air quality data while making this data open. Such work is...

Swisstopo vector tiles development

Published Aug 07, 2020

We are happy to announce our collaboration with the Swiss Federal Office of Topography swisstopo. After a successful kick-off earlier this year, we now support...

MapTiler Desktop Next Generation

Published Aug 05, 2020

We designed the MapTiler Desktop to be the most user-friendly geodata processing tool. For the upcoming version, we are asking you, the community of users,... Maps now powered by MapTiler Cloud!

Published Jul 31, 2020

MapTiler is excited to announce a partnership with (Switzerland Tourism, the national tourism organization), just in time for the Swiss National Holiday! All year...

Vector tiles in QGIS 3.14

Published Jun 19, 2020

The new QGIS 3.14 version adds support for the native loading of vector tiles. The easiest way to load them is via the recently released...

Introducing MapTiler Server

Published Jun 17, 2020

The brand new MapTiler Server makes it extremely easy to deliver map services from your own hardware. Get map services for your web, mobile app,...

Say hello to the new QGIS plugin

Published Jun 10, 2020

Adding beautiful maps that fit your needs is now straightforward with MapTiler plugin for QGIS. You can select one of the predefined map styles, load...

Maps for Dark mode

Published May 29, 2020

Are you creating a mobile app or website with dark mode and looking for a map to fit the design? Try Dark and Night maps...

The Future of OpenMapTiles project

Published May 14, 2020

OpenMapTiles disrupted web cartography by allowing anyone to launch OpenStreetMap on their computer in minutes. For free! We estimate that maps generated by the OpenMapTiles...

High-resolution aerial imagery of entire Japan!

Published May 08, 2020

High-resolution aerial imagery and official government map data of entire Japan is now available to the global audience via Maps API. It becomes possible thanks...

Long live Toner!

Published Apr 30, 2020

It’s been almost a decade since the Toner map style was created by Stamen Design, the famous San Francisco based design studio. Still used today...

Fighting coronavirus with MapTiler maps

Published Mar 10, 2020

Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in December, journalists have played a very important role in informing the public about the global pandemic. The Berliner Morgenpost...

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