Command line for automated
processing of map data

Create automated workflows with the full power
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Command line

Features of MapTiler Engine

Command line interface

All the power of MapTiler Desktop through the command line interface usable as API.

Product integration

Suitable for workflow automation of geodata processing and integration with your products.


Remain in control

Deploy on-premises or on a preferred data center to keep your data under your control.


Really fast

Fully utilize all CPU cores and transform large area imagery in hours instead of days.

MapTiler gui

MapTiler Engine can power your products

Use the command line for calling MapTiler Engine from your software. Examples and technical details are available in the MapTiler manual. MapTiler Engine can be integrated and distributed as a part of your product.

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MapTiler hosting


MapTiler Engine application with all its dependencies is available as a Docker container. Install MapTiler Engine on any Linux system with the following command:

docker run -ti --rm -v $(pwd):/data maptiler/engine maptiler -o outputdir input.tif

For detailed information continue to Docker Hub.

Process big data with MapTiler Cluster

Processing of large volumes of data can be parallelized on multiple computers using MapTiler Cluster to significantly decrease the rendering time.

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Cluster dashboard

Technical specification

Operating systems

Input formats


Supported CRS


Web viewers

Output tile formats

Output tiling scheme

Output container

Desktop viewers

Mobile native viewers

GPS viewers

Mobile applications


Hosting (cloud storage)

Raster operations


Operating systems

  • Windows 7+
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer
  • macOS 10.12+
  • Linux 64bit Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora
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