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Mapping location editor for web applications

Add points, lines, & polygons, and annotate in a few clicks.

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data edit tool

Visual map builder

Create GIS data using a visual web interface. Map locations using points, lines, & polygons. Add properties for each mapped feature.

visual web editor that runs in a browser

Upload data to location mapper

Upload vector data in .geojson, .gpkg, .gpx, .kml, .shp, or .zip shapefile format to the reliable global infrastructure.

upload your own geographical data using the geojson format

Custom mapping

Use our ortophoto for digitazing map. You can also load own map via WMTS, as a TileJSON, or use uploaded datasets to draw map featues.

online digitalization of your map using a user-friendly online tool

Publish maps online using popular JavaScrip libraries

Get public GeoJSON API endpoint for your apps using MapLibre GL JS, OpenLayers, or Leaflet. Data are hosted on reliable infrastructure that can handle huge traffic.

upload your data using a REST api

Download datasets for desktop GIS

Export geometry as a GeoJSON file for use in desktop GIS software like ArcGIS and QGIS.

download your data for desktop GIS software in GeoJSON format

Ready to use base maps

Street and satellite maps of the entire world

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API documentation for developers.

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