"We innovate cartography to empower people, improve their lives, and support freedom.”

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Brief history of MapTiler

We love maps. We support open-source. But most importantly, we are devoted to doing the right things.

This team spirit has been present in the company since its foundation. When Petr Pridal formed the team, he had almost 10 years of experience with freelance activities, participation in various research, and involvement in different open-source projects. His vision was to bring together people who share beliefs in the importance of widely accessible and user-friendly maps.

The team has been growing since then, and we are still welcoming new talents. Currently, the headquarters and the main office is in Zug, Switzerland. Part of the development team is located in Brno,the Czech Republic. Many of us are working remotely from various places on Earth. The company is privately held. We are continuously expanding with a growing range of products.

Petr Pridal


Petr Pridal gained his Ph.D. in the field of cartography and geodesy and a master’s degree in computer science. He is a consultant, researcher, programmer, and entrepreneur. Within the last years he participated in several international research projects, and developed popular software.

Petr Pridal

Our mission

MapTiler started as a one-man project and grew to a company with over 30 people in just a few years. In our team, each of us is different, but we have one thing in common - a passion for maps, and truly loving what we do.

With our software platform for building digital maps, clients produce maps that positively impact the lives of millions of people. Every month, 300 million people see MapTiler’s digital maps - in our customers' mobile apps and websites. If you check the weather forecast in Germany, buy a train ticket in Switzerland or interact with an airplane infotainment system, you may have seen our maps.

"Our mission is to innovate in the field of digital maps and make maps accessible to as many people as possible for everyday use. We are always looking to push the boundaries of cartography a bit further." CEO, Petr Pridal

Why do we need maps?

Our core values

Each member of the MapTiler team is encouraged to focus on what they do best. Thanks to our diverse personalities and strengths, our team members complement each other perfectly. We motivate and support each other daily and make sure that every call for support is listened to. Core values reflect a belief in work-life balanced company culture - constantly improving customer experience and living a healthy lifestyle.

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Be innovative

Think about creative ways of doing things.

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Do your best

Seek quality and simplicity.

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Help others

Be keen to help each other and the world.

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Be fair

Treat others with respect and honesty.

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No fear

Speak up and be open to changes.


You can hardly find a team with more diverse personalities. Some of us are introverts who love numbers, reading, or getting lost for a week in the mountains with a camera, while others are extroverts brimming with imagination and creativity, coming up with new ideas, and doing best when on stage with as many listeners as possible.

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Freedom & Flexibility

Work from anywhere and on the schedule that fits your life best

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Fair salary

Our success is based on our people. We highly appreciate them and value them accordingly

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Company retreats

Do you prefer yachting in Croatia or skiing in Switzerland? With us, you can have both

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New modern offices

Choose to work in the Swiss Alps, catch up for a creative team session in Brno, Czechia, or stay in the comfort of your home

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Professional growth covered

Professional and personal growth is highly encouraged and supported