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Street and satellite maps of the entire world are ready for customization and integration with your business. Change colors and fonts to perfectly match your brand, or even upload your own tiles for map hosting from a reliable infrastructure.

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With our prices, your bill could be more than 4 times lower!

Map loads MapTiler Cloud Google Maps API
50K $75 $350
100K $175 $700
200K $295 $1260
Benefit MapTiler Cloud Google Maps API
Search / geocoding
Add free maps
Customization full limited
Self-hosted option

You can even set your own price limit. check your price

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MapTiler over Google Maps API

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Technical details for migration

Migrate to open-source JavaScript APIs
& mobile SDKs

Do you know your application code can be independent of a map provider? If you use open-source libraries to power you web or mobile app - you can freely choose a a map provider or combine multiple of them - or even host the maps on your own servers! Our service is the best choice as you migrate the code.

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OpenLayers, Leaflet, Unity logos

We provide sample code displaying maps with:

  • Javascript viewers - OpenLayers, Leaflet, MapLibre GL JS, MapTiler SDK
  • Native Mobile SDK for Android and iOS - Mapbox mobile SDK, MapLibre, CARTO Mobile SDK
  • Desktop applications (QT), GIS (QGIS, ArcGIS), and games (Unity)

Our maps are powered by vector tiles, but you get also raster tiles generated in GPU accelerated servers from global world wide infrastructure.

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