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Map data for self-hosting

Ready-to-use open geospatial map data, processed and packaged for your next on-premises project. Available as vector/raster tiles and in GIS formats.

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Self-hosting solution

Do you need maps in your secure application? Or even completely offline? MapTiler Data packages are the right solution for you.


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Browse our maps datasets

OpenStreetMap basemaps

Map package with a regularly updated global dataset. It contains street data with more than 7 billion objects.

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Satellite & orthophoto on-prem

Global seamless satellite and aerial imagery with a resolution locally up to 8cm per pixel.

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Terrain data for self-hosting

Ready-to-use Terrain RGB for DEM, Quantized Mesh for 3D Cesium JS, Hillshade, and Contour lines of the entire world with a resolution of 30x30 meters.

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Ready-to-use detailed boundaries of administrative divisions and postal areas.

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Tileset containing real-estate cadastre information.

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Maps for outdoor sports like hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, and related activities.

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MapTiler Planet

Quality control & premium open data.

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Have you heard about MapTiler Cloud?

The easiest and most affordable way to get maps in your web & mobile applications.

5 main advantages:

  • Lower price
  • Automatically up-to-date
  • All premium maps available to everybody
  • No setup
  • No administration
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MapTiler Cloud
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For web and mobile applications

Server & Data
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For maps behind firewall or offline