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Satellite Maps

Satellite & aerial imagery with streets and placenames.

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Satellite & aerial imagery ready for your maps & apps

Up-to-date satellite imagery for the whole world
Detailed aerial imagery for many countries
Hybrid variant with Roads and place names

MapTiler image satellite-standard.webp


Up-to-date imagery for
the whole world

MapTiler image satellite-hybrid.webp


Roads & placenames
for navigation

Detailed aerial imagery for navigation

Show individual streets in great detail (up to 10cm per pixel), helping your users find locations easily.

Let users see neighbourhoods, shopping centres, and other areas as they appear in real life, assisting in decisions such as where to live or locate a business.

See what the resolution is like in your area
Satellite map of capitol hill

Global Satellite maps for context

Global coverage at 10m per pixel, color balanced by our expert cartographers to provide a beautiful backdrop.

Give your users the information they need about what the landscape is like in 2D and 3D.

Satellite map of Bahamas

Switch on roads and placenames

Create satellite maps for navigation with the hybrid variant

  • Adds the road network to the satellite background
  • Clear labels for roads and place names
  • Boundaries define countries, states, and counties
Satellite map of New York

Available as:

vector tiles

Vector tiles

MapTiler SDK, native MVT clients

raster tiles

Raster tiles

map services

Map services


Other map styles

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