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Custom mapping the easy way

Adjust colors, fonts, and language of the map to create customized maps in an online map editor.

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Easy yet powerful map design

Now anyone can create maps

Our intuitive map design tool lets you quickly update map styles for new projects or to align with branding and design languages.

A few clicks can completely update color schemes and fonts.

Create maps for specific markets with language and worldview settings.

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Advanced cartography

Designers and cartographers have the level of control needed to create beautiful professional looking maps in apps.

Access every detail of the map without having to code or know the data structure.

Our flexible tool allows for both creative experimentation and precise code editing.

Control your map data

A dedicated data view to access all your maps and data on MapTiler Cloud.

No need to read the docs to find layers and filter the data.

Full visual control of all the map layers you have available.

Powerful map design tools

Quickly adjust map colors

Change the hue of the whole map or group of layers with a few clicks.

Make detailed color changes to individual layers, even specify zoom level differences.

Quickly adjust map colors in MapTiler customize

Dozens of fonts for your map

Select the fonts that match your web or mobile app style or brand.

More than twenty of the most popular web typefaces are available.

Dozens of fonts for your map in MapTiler customize

Maps for local or global audiences

Select a language or add a bilingual option using the map settings.

More than 70 world languages are supported, and you can choose the borders and map units to suit your audience.

Maps for local or global audiences in MapTiler customize

Intuitive map layer control

Select only the layers you want to have on your map, or add new ones from different datasets quickly and easily.

Search and re-order layers using a
drag and drop interface.

selecting language of a map labels in customize tool

Tutorials and documentation

Find out how to control every aspect of your map style in our comprehensive documentation. Read dozens of tutorials for map designers and cartographers. Here are some highlights to get you started:

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selecting language of a map labels in customize tool

Upload custom map style

Migrate your GL JSON styles from other services; upload the map theme when you are ready.

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Customize our map styles

Use Customize to edit any of our existing map styles to make the perfect map.
Check out our most popular styles below:

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