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Build interactive weather forecast maps

WebGL library & modular tool for building weather maps in your website or application

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License our library for visualizing raster data across space and time in your website or application, with minute-to-minute interpolation between timeframes.

Written mostly in TypeScript and GLSL, the library is a pre-built NPM package that can be easily added to your WebGL map instances.

Check our interactive demo, and ready below to explore the major capabilities of the library..

Licensed annually per domain, with library maintenance and upgrades. Contact us for technical specs, pricing, and details on planned releases.

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Combine the tools you need

Weather Data

Weather Data

Provide your own weather data, or integrate our preprocessed layers

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Data Processing

Leverage our tools to process your data, or let us the procesing for you

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Access preset map styles designed specifically to highlight weather data

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base maps for weather overlay

Weather WebGL Library

Compile the MapTiler Weather library into web & mobile viewers

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Weather maps shown on various devices - computer, mobile, tablet

Build your solution with freedom

Use via Cloud API

Use weather layers and basemaps in your application via Maps API

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map cloud
self-hosting of maps

Self-host the stack

Run everything on your own hardware, in your private cloud, even offline

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Major Capabilities of Weather WebGL Library

Particles animation in WebGL

Create wind and wave visualization with particles clearly showing direction and speed in animations.

Change look & feel of the visualization without reprocessing the original data. Cut-off thresholds, custom colors scales based on intensity, and more!

Visualize the movement of data over time: the MapTiler Weather library can smoothly animate changing course as the wind & waves move from opposite direction.

Animations run in any contemporary web browser using WebGL.

Smooth visualization of gridded data

Display huge amount of data covering countries or the entire planet thanks to tiling technology.

Visualization can be used for displaying temperature, humidity, clouds, precipitation, or any other raster data. Vector basemaps can be loaded seamlessly.

Run animations of temporal gridded data in a browser with a timeline, where you can stop to investigate the weather data at a given time, down to the minute.

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Display 3D data on a map

Explore animated weather data visualizations in 3D, like clouds’ movements, density, and exact real-time location.

Inspect meteorological developments with customizable cutting tool - strip off the layer and analyze clouds' composition for better precipitation.

View current and future weather changes over time in an interactive 3D interface with integrated timeline, fully optimized for both web browsers and touch devices.

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Isolines for atmospheric pressure

Show cyclones and anticyclones on the map together with their barometric pressure values.

Control the speed, viewpoint, and data shown in the animation to get the best view or highlight extreme values.

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Processing weather data

Use MapTiler Engine to process your own weather data in GRIB2 and NetCDF formats to get RGB encoded map tiles.

Map tiles can be easily colored to get a better understanding of weather phenomenons.

Create automated workflows for data processing on a command line.

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commandline processing of GRIB2 and netCDF weather data in geopackage format
map with a high-resolution weather data

Want higher resolution & quality weather data?

Our data partner provides the highest quality weather data on the market.

Their cutting-edge techniques improve the local accuracy of measurements and downscale resolution to a few hundred meters!

Integrate Meteomatics data into your website or app via an API that easily plugs into the MapTiler Weather library.

Browse high-res weather data

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