Privacy policy

We, the MapTiler team, formally represented by MapTiler AG, are a group of professionals creating all MapTiler services. Our business is built around selling our map products, not map visitors’ private data. Therefore we collect only the necessary minimum information we need for running our services.

Only minimum information tracked

Our maps contain no spy code. We don’t track the end-users to sell them targeted advertisements or, even worse, to sell such data to third parties. IP addresses of the MapTiler Cloud visitors are stored in memory only for a limited time needed for security checks; a maximum is 20 minutes, and then automatically destroyed. This is necessary for logging malicious activities on our infrastructure.


On our webs, we set cookies. We do so only to save your preferences and login information. We respect if your browser has the Do not track signal turned on.

Google Analytics

To see how the traffic flows, which pages are being visited and understand how our products are used, we use Google Analytics on our websites and products. Tracking in the MapTiler Engine can be switched off any time in the settings. MapTiler Cloud end-users are not being tracked when browsing the map.

Login information

Depending on what you use for accessing our services, we save emails or Facebook, Twitter or Github identifiers if you use them as a login. The passwords are saved in Google Firebase, an external application, which has secured both frontend and backend and uses HTTPS encryption for transferring passwords through the Internet. MapTiler team doesn’t have access to passwords.


If you use email as a login option or you allow sharing it through Facebook or Twitter, we will send you an informative email once or twice per year with information about updates of our services and software. But if you still find it too annoying, you can always unsubscribe and we will not send you even this little information. The easiest way to do it is to click the “Unsubscribe” link in that email or change the option in settings when you are in the account’s administration.


When you are paying for software or service, the money is transferred using third-party service. This is also the place where you enter your credit card details; we do not have access to them. Our payment provider, FastSpring, adheres to all payment card industry standards like PCI-DDS or GDPR.


Our software and services are designed with privacy and security by design. We use encryption everywhere when it is possible and makes sense. We also do regular internal security audits. All team members undergo security and privacy training. The data centers we use have strict security policies allowing physical access to servers only to authorized persons and our infrastructure providers are certified to ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

Incidents reports

In case of any security incident which may affect you or your clients, you will be contacted by email within 72 hours.


We don’t expect to make any dramatical change to this privacy policy for the next few years. However, if we do, we will send an email to our clients.


In general, we don’t spy on you or your clients. We make our livings by selling map products, not your personal data.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the "Contact" link in the footer or at the address:

MapTiler AG
Höfnerstrasse 98
Unterägeri, Zug 6314