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Attribution free map

Get exemption for visible copyright attribution with MapTiler Planet Lite.

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Planet lite - maps for printing a videos

Rich information for various maps

Full details till zoom level 10, deeper zooms generalized.

Administrative boundaries

Administrative boundaries

Named places

Named places

Basic road network

Basic road network



Contour lines and hillshade

Contour lines and hillshade

Two steps to remove copyright

  1. In the Customize tool, switch the source from MapTiler Planet to MapTiler Planet Lite to get rid of the © OpenStreetMap attribution.
  2. Contact us via email to get written permission to remove the © MapTiler attribution.
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Maps for video, print, web, and games without visible copyright


Adobe After Effects plugin for video content creators.

Create engaging, dynamic content with maps for news, TV, movies, YouTube, or other social media.

Fully customize the look & feel of the map to tell the story your want.

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Geolayers plugin for Adobe After Effects


Extremely sharp maps for posters, newspapers, books, or traditional paper maps.

Compose, customize, and export maps in SVG, PNG, or PDF ready for print.

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Qgis plugin for desktop GIS software


Use vector tiles, raster tiles, static maps API, or map services.

Works in popular JavaScript libraries, including OpenLayers, Leaflet, Maplibre GL JS or MapTiler SDK, and mobile SDKs for Android and iOS.



Use in popular game engines like Unity, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, and many others.

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World creator for gaming industry

Available in various map styles

Available as:

vector tiles

Vector tiles

MapTiler SDK, native MVT clients

raster tiles

Raster tiles

map services

Map services


Start using via Maps API


Get free API key