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Street and satellite maps of the entire world are ready for customization and integration with your business. Change colors and fonts to perfectly match your brand, or even upload your own tiles for map hosting from a reliable infrastructure.

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Our prices help make the decision easy

100k map loads* MapTiler Mapbox
Maps $175 $250
Weather $175
500k requests
Geocoding $25 $300
Static maps $25 $450
IP geolocation $25

* Map load (Session) is equal to one map object initialized on a webpage
You can even set your own price limit.
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Thousands of organizations like yours have chosen

MapTiler over Google Maps API

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Compatible with Mapbox on web and in mobile apps

Our SDK is based on MapLibre SDK (an open source fork of Mapbox SDK ). Just change a few lines to switch; check out the tutorial on How to switch from Mapbox to MapTiler

Migrating own map design is extremely easy. MapTiler offers Customize tool, where you can adjust your map style in a few mouse clicks.

We impose no vendor lock-in and allow users to host the maps on their own servers, online or offline and redistribute the maps with their software.

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Source code to start

  • JavaScript viewers - MapTiler SDK , MapLibre, OpenLayers, Leaflet
  • Native Mobile SDK for Android and iOS - MapLibre, CARTO
  • Desktop applications (QT), GIS (QGIS, ArcGIS) and even games (Unity)

Our maps are powered by vector tiles, but you get also raster tiles generated in GPU accelerated servers from global world wide infrastructure.

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