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Street and satellite maps of the entire world are ready for customization and integration with your business. Change colors and fonts to perfectly match your brand, or even upload your own tiles for map hosting from a reliable infrastructure.

No extra fees for private websites, intranet or asset tracking.

Our prices are based only on traffic the end-users make, not raised by any artificial charge. Therefore MapTiler Cloud won't charge any additional cost for commercial use, applications behind login, asset tracking / fleet management!

MapTiler Cloud

commercial use

800 views/day Free $499
3,300 views/day $20 $525
10,000 views/day $56 $626
30,000 views/day $178 $931
100,000 views/day $605 $1,999
Self-hosting available no

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Technical details

Multiple open-source JavaScript
APIs & Mobile SDKs support

MapTiler Cloud gives you freedom of choice by supporting multiple JavaScript libraries, mobile SDKs, game engine and desktop GIS software.

You can use the same JavaScript framework - Mapbox-GL-JS with our maps. No need to rewrite your application, just change the tiles' URL. Test the simplicity of migration with our free account.

We impose no vendor lock-in and allow users to host the maps on their own servers, online or offline and redistribute the maps with their software.


We provide sample code displaying maps with:

  • Javascript viewers - OpenLayers, Leaflet, Mapbox GL JS, Tangram
  • Native Mobile SDK for Android and iOS - Mapbox mobile SDK, CARTO Mobile SDK
  • Desktop applications (QT), GIS (QGIS, ArcGIS) and even games (Unity)

Our maps are powered by vector tiles, but you get also raster tiles generated in GPU accelerated servers from global world wide infrastructure.

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