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Hosting for spatial data

Global web based GIS hosting for large tiled geodata (MBTiles, GeoPackage) on reliable infrastructure.

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big data with geographical information that can be uploaded to our servers

Terabytes of storage

Upload tiled vector or raster datasets of any size, from a few points to huge analytical datasets.

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API for data upload

Automate bulk upload of geographical data.

Upload map tiles from a command line or connect to your applications.

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command line for uploading own geopackage data

Integrate into your maps

Display your spatial data on top of our maps.

Publish them together using Leaflet, OpenLayers, or MapTiler SDK on web.

For mobile phones, use Android & iOS SDKs.

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data edit tool

Use on web or in GIS

Display your data using standard web JavaScript libraries, mobile SDKs, or load in desktop GIS software using XYZ, TileJSON or WMTS endponits.

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upload your data using a REST api

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