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Static Maps API

Generate a static map and use it anywhere you would a regular image. Available in any paid plan.

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static maps API


Show the surroundings of the flat you're offering


Notify your users when they reach their tram stop


Print flight overview on online receipts


For browsers not supporting WebGL

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Great on every screen

Resolution up to 2048x2048 px or 1024x1024 px for retina displays.

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Always show the right area

View definition by autofitting or Center based URL or bound-based URL.

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Combinable with your data

Overlay map with points, lines, and polygons with a path query parameter.

Easy with Client JS
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Always updated

Dynamic maps styles reflect any change in custom map style on static images.

How to make a custom map
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On load performance

On load performance

Show a map image while your interactive map is still loading. The median server response time of static maps images is around 80 ms.

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Generate static images

Combine parameters visually. You can replace them with variables controlled by your app and create thousands of unique pictures.

GENERATE VISUALY Use in MapTiler Server
Generate static images
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