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Alternative coordinate systems

Process and upload map data in custom coordinate systems into our reliable global infrastructure.

Get API endpoints for use in JavaScript libraries or WMTS services for GIS software.

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Alternative projections for web and mobile apps

MapTiler has made it easy to break free from Web Mercator (EPSG: 3857) so you can:

Avoid conversion

... which can cause loss of precision, distortion and delay.

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Share maps

...with partners or customers in their coordinate system.

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Work with cadastral maps

...without warping the source material.


Work with government data

...in their mandated coordinate system.

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Host your data with government maps on MapTiler servers

Upload your high-precision map data without reprojecting and losing quality. Ideal for:

  • Cadastral maps
  • Civil engineering plans
  • Local or national infrastructure planning
  • Utilities data

Your data will be served from 200 servers across 5 continents.
High-speed, high-availability, reliable hosting.

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Use scanned maps without warping them

Scanned paper maps appear distorted and can be useless unless they are in their original coordinate system.

MapTiler lets you present them like the original, in the right coordinate system. They will be readable and ready to use on the web or in your application.

warped scans

Process your data for the web in any coordinate systems

Process your raster and vector data in any coordinate system into map tiles. You can also transform your geodata into any other coordinate system.

Upload your processed data directly to our hosting service to get API endpoints for JavaScript libraries or WMTS services for GIS software.

MapTiler Engine

Make maps in a range of apps

Use our APIs and WMTS to make maps in your chosen coordinate system; on the web, on mobile devices, and in desktop software:

LeafletOpenLayersQGISArcGIS Pro

Coordinates API

Automate the transformation of raster and vector geodata between various coordinate systems.

Call API endpoints to get EPSG codes with transformation parameters in JSON format.

epsg coordinate systems api