MapTiler Engine License Agreement

This MapTiler Engine License Agreement (“License Agreement”), alongside with General Terms located at: (“General Terms”), which are incorporated by reference (this License Agreement and the General Terms are collectively referred to as “Terms”) govern the use of MapTiler Engine Software with supporting scripts, tools, related materials and documentation (“Software”) which is a Product of MapTiler. Capitalized terms not defined here have the same meaning as defined in General Terms. In case of any conflict between the General Terms and this License Agreement, the License Agreement shall prevail.

  1. 1. Grant of License

    1. License. Subject to the Terms, MapTiler hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable license to use the Software solely for the purpose specified in this License Agreement.

  2. 2. License Subscriptions

    1. Plans. The Software is available in various license subscriptions, including a free plan for evaluation purposes. The extent of the provided functionality, as well as other specific features of the Software, depends on the chosen license subscription. The limitations to the license subscriptions are specified at

    2. Other restrictions. Other restrictions. Use of the Software by the Customer is technically restricted depending on the purchased license subscription of the Software. The nature of the restrictions is specified at:

    3. Term. The term of the license depends on the plan the Customer has purchased during the purchasing process (see The Customer may only use the Software until the termination or expiration of the subscription, whichever is earliest. Without a valid subscription, the Software will operate as the free plan.

    4. Custom agreement available. It may be possible to obtain a custom license subscription - please contact sales.

  3. 3. Updates

    1. Updates. Updates or new features of the Software (“Updates”) developed by MapTiler are supplied to the Customer only if the Customer holds a valid subscription. All Updates are subject to the same license conditions as the Software.

  4. 4. Permitted Use

    1. Main purpose. You may only use the Software solely for the purpose of repetitive internal rendering of map tiles.

    2. Tiles. The tiles generated by the Software can be part of a product or a service provided by the Customer. The Customer is entitled to create an online commercial service for third parties which are paying for accessing the tiles rendered and hosted by the Customer.

    3. New features. The Customer is entitled to add new features or integrate the Software into an internal workflow for rendering of maps, provided that it is used solely for the purpose of repetitive internal rendering of map tiles in accordance with this License Agreement.

    4. License only. The Software provided to the Customer under this License Agreement is licensed to the Customer, not sold. MapTiler reserves all rights not expressly granted.

  5. 5. Open source libraries

    1. Dependencies. The Customer is aware that the Software depends on open-source libraries, namely on the GDAL library, and that these dependencies are available under separate licenses.

    2. Third Party Licenses. The Customer is aware that these dependencies may be provided with notices and open source licenses from the global community of open source developers and/or third parties that govern the use of those portions, and agrees that any licenses granted hereunder do not alter any rights and obligations the Customer may have under such open source licenses.

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