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Interactive maps for airlines


Offline maps for infotainment

Global map data and software for serving maps in aircraft’s infotainment systems.

Street, satellite, and even 3D terrain maps. Render as flat map view or as a globe.

Choose between map styles, including a dark mode for night flights.

Plane infotaiment system with a map of the airplane position

Flight tracking maps

Track thousands of flights across the world on top of MapTiler high-quality world maps together with airport details.

Customize the map styles with brand colors, day/night lines, regional boundaries, custom POIs, and more, to complement real-time information about aircrafts.

Even integrate live weather data that may impact flight delays!

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Flight planning & aeronautical charts

Create your own MBTiles of geo-referenced aeronautical charts with MapTiler Engine and turn them into In-flight apps with VFR & IFR enroute charts. Serve them in your cockpit to aid navigation.

Creating an immersive simulation for pilot training - photorealistic 3D terrain combined with aerial photography and custom vector maps available in over 60 languages.

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Do you need maps for pre-flight planning? We have a solution for you.

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Customers success stories

Gulfstream logo

A global leader in developing and manufacturing technologically advanced business jets chose MapTiler maps for their CabinView system.

Gulfstream Plane
Australian national airlines - virgin australia logo

The Australian national airlines partnered with MapTiler to serve MapTiler maps in aircraft’s infotainment systems.

Virgin Australia Plane
AeroViroment Logo

American leading manufacturer of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. MapTiler maps are used in Ground Control Station products.

AeroViroment Plane
ForeFlight logo

ForeFlight is a world leader in developing mobile flight planning apps essential to flight operations. MapTiler basemaps were implemented for navigation apps and in-flight apps for pilots.

ForeFlight Planes
US Airforce logo

U.S. Air Force used MapTiler base maps for flight simulations and training purposes.

US Airforce airplane

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