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Historical maps of Great Britain

Digitized archive maps API from the National Library of Scotland

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Available map layers

MapTiler Cloud provides you with archive NLS maps of Great Britain for your projects and mashups.

UK Bartholomew Ireland Quarter-Inch 1940s
UK Great Britain Ordnance survay six-inch to the mile (1:10,560), 1888-1913
UK Great Britain Ordinance survay one-inch Seven Series 1955-1961
UK Great Britain, Ordinance Survey one-inch to the mile (1:63,360), 'Hills' 1885-1903
UK Great Britain Ordinance Survay 'Provisional' edition (1:25,000), 1937-1961
UK Great Britain Ordnance survay six-inch to the mile (1:10,560), 1888-1913
UK London, Ordance Survay Five-foot to the mile (1:1,056),1893-1896
UK Ordnance Survay historical Maps from 1919-1947

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Select the map for your project

In your MapTiler Cloud administration, go to Tiles -> United Kingdom, and select the map for your project.


Use NLS layer in your app

On the selected map, preview the details of the layer, and select one of the publishing methods.

Use historical maps in your projects

Combine historical and modern maps together, create mockups, transitions, or compare the land use
now and then. With the historical maps API, you can access one of the greatest map collections available. And use its maps with various libraries, such as Leaflet, OpenLayers, ReactJS or with the Angular application framework. Mobile application development with Android SDK and iOS SDK is also possible.

historical and modern maps

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Explore the National Library of Scotland map collection

The National Library of Scotland is one of the largest libraries in the United Kingdom and their map collection holds more than 1 500 000 cartographic items. MapTiler is proud to host selected maps for anyone to use in their projects. Their online map collection is available here.

We have scanned paper map sheets of out-of-copyright Ordnance Survey maps. All the individual map sheets were cropped to remove their margins and then georeferenced in the OSGB coordinate system. They were then combined together to create one zoomable seamless map for Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland.

The map tiles were rendered on a computer cluster using a customized version of the MapTiler Engine application.

Provided by the National Library of Scotland and MapTiler AG.

Please email geo@nls.uk for further assistance, or to provide general comments and feedback.

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