Jachym Cepicky

Senior Geodata Specialist

Czech GIS ex-celebrity that is constantly facing burnout. Ex-forestry expert who hit GIS and programming by accident and never fully recovered. Started to be high on GRASS, moved to the backend as the lead of the PyWPS project, and on the frontend side had to fight with various JavaScript libraries (you name it) in order to build spatial data portals. Currently retreating as (mostly raster) data analyst, where writing a few lines of code usually fully utilize a full stack of servers for a couple of days - so you can re-run the script after it’s done with correct input parameters while the result is false: repeat. OSGeo and FOSS4G community member.

When family allows, and there is nothing to be done around the house (which is a lie and you know that), I like to get out on the bike (gravel) or be out pretending to bushcraft. Constantly searching for something, never finding anything.


Jachym Cepicky