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JavaScript Maps SDK

Develop applications with interactive vector maps using our TypeScript library: open-source under BSD license, hosted on GitHub.

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Interactive maps with millions of features

Make brilliant maps for data analysis with user-interaction for a rich experience. Add filters and clickable features to allow your users to smoothly change the content of the map.

Visualize your data at scale

Showing large amounts of point data from external JSON is not a problem.
Our algorithms can do clustering on the client side or render heatmaps on the fly.

Connect the Map with your analytics

Users can click on the map to access more detailed information within the dashboard. This feature can enhance the user experience and make data analysis more efficient.

Connect data to the map
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Show relevant context

Keep the map content relevant, just showing the useful features makes the user experience more enjoyable.

Show relevant context

Blazing fast filtering

With the MapTiler SDK, you can set up real-time data filters to help your customers quickly and easily find things like properties that meet their search criteria.

Unique maps for every visitor

Use real-time style changing to switch to dark mode. Customize the map view, colors, and borders. Show the local language.

Unique maps for each visitor

Set map language based on user settings

Over 70 languages and a "native" option, that displays the local language for any given area, are available for any MapTiler map. Localized maps create a more personalized and user-friendly experience.

Learn how to set the map language
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Maps that fit your brand

Customize your maps to fit your use-case and brand.

  • Personalize the colors of the map to match your website or logo.
  • Select relevant features, decide when they appear, even create a label free map.
  • The possibilities are endless with custom maps.
Maps that fit your brand

Get started with MapTiler SDK

import { Map, MapStyle } from "@maptiler/sdk";
  const map = new Map({
    container: "mapContainer",
    style: MapStyle.STREETS
See source code

3D terrain in one call

Add depth and realism to your maps with 3D mountains. Using MapTiler SDK that takes just one line of code! No need to set up data sources. Perfect for hiking and tracking applications.

Add 3D terrain
3D terrain in one call

Easy to add map controls

MapTiler JavaScript Maps SDK allows you to add standard map controls with one line of code!

Read more about controls
Maps that fit your brand

Dark mode Maps

Change the map style to dark mode based on user system settings. MapTiler maps are ready for any lighting conditions with light and dark mode map styles. Change your map seamlessly to dark mode when the sun goes down!

Integrate Dark Modes
Dark mode Maps

MapTiler SDK is easy to use with common frameworks like React, Vue.js, Svelte or Angular.

Maps that fit your brand


MapTiler SDK documentation
MapTiler SDK Examples
MapTiler SDK Reference

JavaScript Maps API

MapTiler offers a comprehensive set of APIs that enable developers to create mapping applications that are great to look at and user-friendly. With these APIs, your maps will be able to provide a seamless user experience that is sure to impress. All of them are integrated in MapTiler SDK.


Search any place on the world, down to the street level.

Static maps API

Display static map image to reduce load on your pages.

Coordinates API

Change coordinates to any coordinate system.

IP geolocation

Get information about your visitors location and serve content explicitly targeting them.