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Maps API for web & mobile developers

Customize maps, upload or create own geodata and publish online

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global map with beautiful map style

Ready to use base maps

Street and satellite maps of the entire world

Customize maps online

Design the perfect maps for your web and mobile apps.

Switch language, change colors, and select fonts to match your brand.

Discover the Customize tool
MapTiler Cloud customize

Upload geodata of any size

Global hosting infrastructure for your spatial data.

Upload terabytes of geodata via upload API or using the web interface.

Learn about hosting for spatial data
big data with geographical information that can be uploaded to our servers

Edit your data

Add points, lines, & polygons and annotate in a few clicks.

Add directly to your map and use it on your web or mobile app via API.

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data edit tool

Search & Geocoding

API for the transformation of place names and addresses to geographical coordinates and vice versa.

Find any place on Earth (states, cities, streets down to the address level etc.) or get a place name for your coordinates.

Discover geocoding
Geocoding API

Static maps API

Display maps as static images to reduce load on your pages.

API for web & mobile

Use raster tiles with Leaflet, OpenLayers, or XYZ, vector tiles with MapTiler SDK, or WMTS for QGIS or ArcGIS.

Coordinates API

Automate searching for EPSG codes and converting between coordinate systems via API.

IP Geolocation API

Get information about your visitors location and serve content explicitly targeting them.

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Customize icons to elevate your web maps

Affordable global satellite map

Jachym Cepicky / Oct 31, 2023

Global high-resolution satellite map

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