MapTiler in Swiss TV News

Published November 20th, 2019

Petr Pridal in Swiss TV

Swiss National TV (SRF1 channel) broadcasted a short report about 50 years of Swiss cartography and MapTiler appeared in the main Friday news (Tagesshau) at a prime time!

We were selected as experts in the digital cartography - and provided a short interview in the spot related to the 50th anniversary of the Swiss Cartographic Society (SGK), who has given our team the PrixCarto Digital prize in the previous bi-annual period.

We are truly honored to be awarded for innovating the map-making here in Switzerland.

See the TV report online on the SRF1 website.

Jiri Komarek

Jiri Komarek

Senior Technical Copywriter
Published on November 20th, 2019