How we provide maps for Geocaching

Published February 18th, 2021

Geocaching maps

Geocaching is a world-wide game where people search for hidden treasures. MapTiler provides the official website data for the background map that shows where all these boxes are hidden.

What is geocaching and how to play

People prepare this game for other people. Some hide the treasure, and others hunt for it using a map and GPS, to find the places and their cleverly hidden containers. Sometimes there are also hints leading you on a kind of scavenger hunt, leading you to do more than just visit the area, find the cache in the terrain, and sign the logbook. Sometimes, the hidden containers aren’t even located in the same place as the marker!2021-02-18-how-we-provide-maps-for-geocaching-2.jpgThe international community is growing for more than 20 years, and currently, there are 4 million players from 191 countries, and new people are joining this adventure every day.

Do you want to start as well? Visit, open the map, and choose your first target nearby. The map is powered by technology and map data provided by MapTiler Data.

3 million caches for you to be found

The game began with a gallon bucket buried in the ground and now, there are about 3 million active caches worldwide. Evolution led to different types of caches hidden in containers of unbelievable shapes. Who would try to move a fake security camera attached to the side of a building by a magnet? Different caches give various ways of adventures. Some have to be just found on coordinates, and others are puzzles or tours around multiple places with clues. There are even geocaches located in the Geocaching HQ.

The creativity of cache hiders is limitless: from simple cache hiding, they moved to so-called GeoArt - making various shapes where imagination is the only barrier.2021-02-18-how-we-provide-maps-for-geocaching-3.pngMillions of caches of different types, difficulties, locations on a single map can sound like chaos. The interactive geocaching map is ready to help. Anyone can easily zoom in and look for caches in a specified location even plan a trip to different countries and cities. If someone has a favorite type of caches, they can filter what the map is showing. No matter if the user is a beginner or experienced, he can use filters and make geocaching how he likes it.

Maps for wilderness and downtowns

Caches are everywhere - in cities, in nature, in the hills, there are caches hidden next to Eiffel Tower, in the Swiss Alps, as well as in flooded mines in Finland or on the islands in Antarctica. Caches are connected to exciting places, historical events or made as riddles with clues on different locations.

With so many various points on the map, geocachers need maps detailed in cities and suitable for orientation in countryside. This is what Geocaching map offers. It helps not to be lost in the mountains nor the streets of capitals. That all thanks to detailed street maps combined with outdoor data as contour lines or tourist trails in nature.2021-02-18-how-we-provide-maps-for-geocaching-5.png

Take MapTiler maps to your next adventure

We are happy to be with you during all the adventures and good times spent with your friends, family, and geocaching.

Jiri Komarek

Jiri Komarek

Senior Technical Copywriter
Published on February 18th, 2021