OpenStreetMap Vector Basemaps

Published May 4th, 2022

OpenStreetMap map style in vector tiles

OpenStreetMap’s familiar styling is now available for developers to adapt and use with vector basemaps.

OpenStreetMap made with Vector Tiles

Get the cartography users recognize with all the benefits of vector tiles:

  • Rotate, tilt and zoom your maps while keeping pin-sharp vector graphics. 
  • Edit colors and content quickly and easily.
  • Regularly updated maps with all the features on display.


OSM Carto: OpenStreetMap’s familiar style

Show all the features in OpenStreetMap with a style that doesn’t leave anything out! Initially designed by and for the mapping community, the OSM Carto style gives a complete view of what OpenStreetMap contains, from country boundaries down to the local coffee shop.

We are excited to introduce this style made for vector tiles, with a crisp display at every scale and faster performance. Colors, icons, and patterns are consistent across zoom levels, enhancing the user experience.2022-05-05-openstreetmap-vector-basemaps-2.jpgUsing the map in your project is straightforward, find it in your MapTiler Cloud account. Customizing the style can be done in the Advanced Editor; with a few clicks, you have control over the content of your map.

OpenSource Cartography

The OpenMapTiles project from MapTiler will also benefit from the OSM vector style. We plan to include it with the upcoming OpenMapTiles release to the community as the reference style that demonstrates all the content available in vector tiles; stay tuned!

Nicolas Bozon

Nicolas Bozon

Cartography Lead
Published on May 4th, 2022