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NCM UAE Maps for weather visualization

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National Center of Meteorology of United Arab Emirates is the most innovative provider of meteorological, seismological, and atmospheric research information among the GCC countries.

Smooth weather visualizations

Rain.ae is a new weather service that uses cutting-edge technology developed by R&D cooperation between MapTiler and NCM UAE.

The smooth weather visualizations show wind and wave movements where particles change course as the wind changes direction.

Visualization of gridded data is enhanced with color-coding that highlights intensity values.

The weather visualizations are optimized for desktop computers and touch devices like mobile phones or tablets.

Visualize 3D radar data on a map

Past, current, and future clouds’ movements above the UAE are displayed in an interactive 3D interface with animated data on a timeline. The visualization shows the exact location and density of clouds.

With the custom cutting tool, clouds can be visually inspected in detail because the data still contains all the information. The cloud’s internal structure can be shown by stripping layers away, giving an even better estimate of precipitation.

The cooperation between MapTiler and NCM is pushing state-of-the-art technology in the weather industry, producing the next-generation of in-browser animated weather data visualizations.

Weather data and aerial imagery processing

NCM trusted MapTiler to set up a whole stack process for the Rain.ae including MapTiler Engine for the automatic processing of meteorological data.

Stunning aerial imagery of the entire UAE was processed using the same map tiling technology running on a cluster of computers.

Rain mobile app

Basemaps from MapTiler

The fully customizable maps allowed the creation of a unique and beautiful map style tailored to NCM's specific needs. The colors and fonts have been carefully selected to complement NCM's overall brand design. Map labels in both the Arabic and Latin alphabets ensure map accessibility for both local citizens and visitors from all over the world.

All non-weather-related map elements were removed to avoid distracting the user from the weather information, and some other features, like intermittent water bodies called Wadis, were added.

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Visualization for your weather website

We provide the full stack:

  • Base maps

  • Data processing workflow (GRIB2, NetCDF)

  • JavaScript library for visualization

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