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Perfect maps for weather visualization

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Interactive forecast maps

Display any weather-related information as an overlay on top of MapTiler Cloud base maps.

Use MapTiler Cloud base maps as a background to show:

  • cloud coverage
  • air quality
  • wind direction and speed
  • rainfalls
  • CO₂ concentrations, and more

Or use MapTiler Data, download a geodata package with ready-to-use basemaps and publish interactive maps from your own machine.

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Processing weather data

Some of the world's most significant mapping and meteorological agencies such as NOAA and National Center of Meteorology UAE trust MapTiler to process their geodata and the aerial imagery into beautiful interactive weather maps.

You too can create smooth zoomable meteorological maps with the full power of MapTiler Engine.

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Processing weather GRIB2 and netCDF data using a Commandline

Display 3D radar data on a map

Explore animated weather data visualizations like clouds’ movements, density and exact real-time location.

Inspect meteorological developments with customizable cutting tool - strip off the layer and analyze clouds' composition for better precipitation.

View current and future weather changes over time in an interactive 3D interface with integrated timeline, fully optimized for both web browsers and touch devices.

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Visualize gridded data

Display weather visualizations of gridded data like temperature and humidity.

Animated particles dynamically change direction and speed to visualize changes in winds and ocean currents. Enhance intensity values by color-grading and adding a speed.

Process atmospheric data in NetCDF format and display it on top of MapTiler base maps to compose easy to understand maps for your audiences.

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Customers success stories

Met Office logo

Meteorological Office is the United Kingdom's national weather service. Run by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial.

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London bridge
MapTiler image ncm-logo.webp

National Center of Meteorology of the UAE uses MapTiler maps in their mobile application.

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MapTiler image wetter-com-logo.svg

The biggest weather forecast portal for Germany, Switzerland and Austria run by ProSieben Sat1 TV group has more than 20 million unique visitors daily.

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Berlin Tower
Surfline logo

Surfline started in 1985 by tracking waves on the US West Coast and it is one of the biggest surf forecasting and surf reporting websites worldwide.

MapTiler image WU logo.webp

Well known weather forecast service which is extremely popular on mobile devices. Weather Underground is a subsidy of IBM, processing data.

WeatherUnderground web tool

Visualization for your weather website

We provide full stack

  • Base maps

  • Data processing workflow (GRIB2, NetCDF)

  • JavaScript components for visualization

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