Augmented Reality Maps in JavaScript

Add an AR functionality to your maps easily with minimal code

View the 3D map in AR on your mobile, tablet, or headset at

MapTiler image heroImage.webp

Spatial Computing simplified

Just two lines of code in your web app, no app store required.

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Use AR map thought mobile phone or ar glasses

View your custom maps in AR

Show any location on the planet in any map style, including your points, landmarks or other layers applied on top of your maps.

A button will show on the map that users click from their phone, tablet, or headset to start their AR experience.

MapTiler image ar-map-model-on-phone.webp

AR on almost any device

Compatible with almost any device via browser:

  • Apple Vision Pro
  • Meta Quest headsets
  • iOS devices
  • Android devices
  • and many more


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Immersive experiences

Use the MapTiler SDK to keep users immersed in virtual landscapes; built entirely within your web apps.

Users can place the model in their real world space, view it from different angles, and move in close to see the detail.

MapTiler image ar-map-model-on-tablet.webp

Switch to MapTiler SDK

To use enhanced AR features, upgrading to MapTiler is easy

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New to MapTiler?

Build next generation maps with the MapTiler SDK

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