MapTiler Data License Agreement

This MapTiler Data License Agreement (“License Agreement”), alongside with General Terms located at: (“General Terms”), which are incorporated by reference (this License Agreement and the General Terms are collectively referred to as “Terms”) governs the use of MapTiler Map Data available at and Map Styles listed at (this Map Data and Styles are collectively referred to as “Data”) which are a product of MapTiler AG. Capitalized terms not defined here have the same meaning as defined in General Terms. In case of any conflict between the General Terms and this License Agreement, the License Agreement shall prevail.

  1. 1. Grant of License

    1. License. Subject to the Terms, MapTiler hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable license to use the Data solely for the purpose specified in this License Agreement, based on the terms of your purchase.

  2. 2. Permitted Use and Restrictions

    1. License Only. The Data provided to the Customer under this License Agreement is licensed to the Customer, not sold. MapTiler reserves all rights not expressly granted.

    2. Fee. Customer shall pay to MapTiler a license fee specified during the purchasing process.

    3. Permitted Use of Data Extracts, Basic, and Business Licenses. You may use the Data Extract, Basic License, and Business License solely for these forms of use:

      1. Internal use. Data and any part thereof may be used for a single internal application, serving maps to maximum 100 end-users or devices.

      2. On displays. To display the Data content to end users via a single application and service on screens of electronic devices.

      3. In your products. To develop a single B2C online, offline, desktop, or mobile application and online service.

      4. Development, testing, and demonstration. To develop, test, and demonstrate multiple online, offline, desktop, or mobile applications and online services.

      5. Derivative work. To produce derivative vector dataset for non-commercial purpose or for OpenStreetMap. To produce derivative work for another purpose follow Article 2.6.

      All other forms of use are prohibited unless you obtain a Partner Data License as specified in Article 2.6 below.

    4. Use cases with the Partner Data license requirement. You may use the Data for these forms of use only with the Partner Data license subscription and upon written consent provided by MapTiler:

      1. Serve to third-party products. To use the Data for providing services to other legal entities (companies or institutions) or local branches and organizational units.

      2. Bundle or redistribute. To bundle the Data with other products or services, or resell, redistribute, rent, lease, lend, sell or sublicense the Data or any part thereof.

      3. Government & military. To use the Data for any government or military related purposes.

      4. Serve to large number of end-users or devices. To serve maps to internal applications with over 100 end-users and/or devices.

      5. Use in multiple applications. To use maps in more than one (1) internal, B2C, or B2B application.

      All other forms of use are prohibited.

      Please contact us at if your use case is restricted by any of these rules.

    5. Explicitly prohibited use. To avoid any doubts, for example, you may not, and may not permit any third party to:

      1. No public cloud. Host and serve the Data from a public cloud. The public cloud is defined as computing services offered by third-party providers over the public Internet.

      Hosting and serving the Data from the public cloud can be replaced with the use of the MapTiler Cloud service. Read more at

    6. Partner Data License. If you’d like to deviate from the restrictions specified above, by using the Data for purposes in products which target other legal entities, or for uses in printing or video production, it may be possible to obtain a special Partner Data License. Please contact us at

    7. Modifications. You may modify the Data and any part thereof as long as you adhere to the attribution requirements (see below). You may also customize the look & feel of the maps derived from the Data and Open Styles (see

  3. 3. Delivery of the Data

    1. Delivery. Data shall be delivered to the Customer via MapTiler Data website without undue delay after the license fee payment (not later than within 36 hours).

  4. 4. Subscription Terms

    1. First Year Updates. The OpenStreetMap data will be updated regularly (usually once a week). You may download updates to the Data without any additional charge during the first year after the purchase of a Data License as specified at

    2. Subsequent Years Updates. During the second and subsequent years after the purchase of the Data License you may download the updates to the Data only after paying a respective yearly fee as specified at

    3. Single downloads of Extracts. Data Extracts are not eligible for any future updates, unless that specific Extract is repurchased. Data Extracts may only be used for internal purposes or in products and/or services targeting natural persons, but not in products and/or services targeting other legal entities.

    4. Data License Subscriptions. To use MapTiler Data in any products and/or services, an active and paid subscription to a Data License is required. For those targeting third-party legal entities, an active and paid subscription to the Partner Data License is required. Permissions for the internal use of MapTiler Data acquired from a Data License may survive termination of the subscription.

  5. 5. Attribution Requirements

    1. Map Data. The Service incorporates and uses the MapTiler Map Data (“Data”). MapTiler has a strict requirement of attribution on the produced maps. By using the Service you agree to provide such attribution on the maps you display. It is required to indicate: “© MapTiler" with link to, on all maps.

      1. OpenStreetMap attribution. For MapTiler Data based on OpenStreetMap sources, you must adhere to attribution requirements of OpenStreetMap. It is required to indicate “© OpenStreetMap contributors" with link to

      2. Other attributions. Some map styles are created from commercial or other licensed data sources requiring attribution (e.g. detailed satellite or aerial layers, terrain data, local government data). MapTiler attribution with a proper link complies to such requirements.

        If any extra third-party attribution is required for hosted map tiles, it is mentioned directly at the tiles page and is automatically included in our sample map viewers.

    2. Exceptions. Exceptions to the MapTiler attribution requirement can be granted commercially on a case-by-case basis in a written form by MapTiler. For map styles which use OpenStreetMap sources, a MapTiler attribution exception may be granted, but the OpenStreetMap attribution must remain.

    3. Attribution Location. For a browsable electronic map based on the Data, the attribution should appear in the corner of the map.

      For printed maps and images a similar attribution as for Browsable Electronic Maps should be made in a clearly visible textual description near the map, in the same fashion as if you cite a photograph.

      For videos, an exception may be granted for an additional fee to show attributions in the end-credits.

    4. Attribution visibility. The attribution must be always visible and readable on any screen or medium. On small screens (mobile phones) the attribution may be available behind a contextual popup window displaying only the attribution itself - openable with one click/tap from a map.

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