MapTiler Server & Data Terms and Conditions

These MapTiler Server & Data Special Terms (“Special Terms”), alongside with General Terms located at: (“General Terms”), which are incorporated by reference (these documents are together referred to as “Terms”) govern the use of MapTiler Server & Data, which is a product of MapTiler.

Capitalized terms not defined here have the same meaning as defined in General Terms. In case of any conflict between the General Terms and these Special Terms, the Special Terms prevails.

Please read these terms carefully. If you don’t agree to the Terms, you may not use the Service.

    1. Right To Use.

      Subject to the Terms, MapTiler hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to use the MapTiler Server & Data product (“Product”).

      The data (“Data”) and software (“Software”) provided to the Customer under this agreement is licensed, not sold. MapTiler reserves all rights not expressly granted.

      The Customer may only use the Product until the termination or expiration of the subscription, whichever is earliest.

      If the Customer uses the Product in a way that is not covered under an active license, MapTiler reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Customer's account and access to the Service, with or without notice.

      1. Free Data & Software.

        You may use the free Data and Software only within the limits specified. Usage of the Product beyond these limits may result in termination of your license.

        Usage of the Free MapTiler Data is limited to non-commercial and evaluation use.

        Usage of the Free MapTiler Server is restricted to only serve MapTiler Data and not Customer’s own data.

        Details on the limitations of the Free Data and Software are specified at

        1. Subscription Plans.

          Features and extent of services provided within the Product depends on the chosen subscription plan.

          The limitations to the subscription plans are specified at

          1. Custom Plans.

            Exceptions to these terms and conditions may be possible to obtain with a custom plan. Please contact

            1. Fees.

              Customer agrees to pay all fees incurred from usage of the Product. The applicable rates are based on subscription plans specified at or your Custom plan with MapTiler.

              All charges are non-refundable unless expressly prohibited by applicable law.

              1. Taxes.

                Our listed fees do not include taxes. You agree to pay any and all incurred sales/use, gross receipts, value-added, GST, personal property or other relevant tax (including any interest and penalties) with respect to the transactions and payments under these Terms.

                1. Account.

                  The customer maintains responsibility for the security and confidentiality of their access credentials to the Product and license activation keys.

                  Any usage associated with the Customer's account(s) is solely the Customer's responsibility, regardless of whether it was authorized or not.

                  To access the Product, the Customer must only use their authorized access credentials only.

                  1. Access.

                    The Product access shall be provided to the Customer via MapTiler website or MapTiler email without undue delay after the license fee payment or receipt of a purchase order.

                    1. Third Party Access.

                      Customers shall not facilitate or permit any third party to use Customers’ account to:

                      1. Access or disclose MapTiler map and geocoding content (“Map Content”).

                      2. Deploy the Product for the benefit of third parties other than users of Customer's Licensed Application.

                      3. Deploy the Product in a way that makes any of it accessible to the public

                      4. Try to avoid or change licensing conditions MapTiler implements.

                    1. Products.

                      The Product includes the following components:

                      1. MapTiler Data.

                        Ability to download and deploy pre-rendered tilesets and geocoding data for self-hosting from the MapTiler website.

                      2. MapTiler Server.

                        Ability to download, deploy and activate the MapTiler Server software for serving Map Content into customer applications.

                    2. Beta Services.

                      If MapTiler offers any beta services to Customer(s), the Customer agrees to use them only for internal evaluation or testing (“Beta”).

                      MapTiler reserves the right to modify, discontinue or suspend Customers’ access to or use of Beta at any time, with or without notice. Beta is provided "as is" without any express or implied warranties, obligations, SLAs, liabilities, or representations of any kind.

                      1. Export Control.

                        The Customer certifies that neither they nor their affiliates are a Restricted Person as defined by Swiss, US, EU, and UK law and are in compliance with all applicable Export Control Laws.

                        1. Responsibility For End User Usage.

                          MapTiler prohibits Customers from allowing end users to access or use the Product in ways that violate the Terms. The Customer is required to promptly notify MapTiler in writing if they become aware of any misappropriate or unauthorized use of the Product.

                          1. Research & Development.

                            To use the Product for internal research and development purposes, as well as customer demonstrations.

                            1. Display Content To End Users.

                              To display MapTiler Map Content and Customers’ map overlay content to end users via your applications and services, based on the limits of your subscription or custom license.

                              1. Single Deployment Per Instance.

                                To use each licensed instance of MapTiler Server on maximum one machine simultaneously.

                                1. Non-commercial Derivative Work.

                                  To produce derivative vector datasets for non-commercial purposes or for OpenStreetMap only.

                                  1. Modifications.

                                    You may modify the Data and any part thereof as long as you adhere to the attribution requirements outlined in the General Terms.

                                    1. Internal and B2C Production Applications.

                                      The Products may be used within the internal and B2C production applications of Customers based on the terms of selected subscription:

                                      1. MapTiler Data Extracts.

                                        To provide Map Content in a single internal only application used by maximum 100 monthly active users.

                                      2. MapTiler Basic Data.

                                        To provide Map Content in a single internal or B2C application used by maximum 100 monthly active users.

                                      3. MapTiler Business Data.

                                        To provide Map Content in a single internal or B2C application used by maximum 1000 monthly active users.

                                    1. Large Scale Applications.

                                      To serve maps to internal or B2C applications with over 1000 monthly active users (MAU) and/or devices.

                                      1. Use In Multiple Applications.

                                        To use Product in more than one (1) production application.

                                        1. Multiple Deployments.

                                          To install and use instances of MapTiler Server on more than one computer or device simultaneously, via floating-license or pre-activated binary.

                                          1. Serve Third-party Entities.

                                            To bundle and redistribute the Product in a B2B context for providing Map Content to other legal entities (companies or institutions) or local branches and organizational units. This includes reselling, redistributing, renting, leasing, lending, selling or sublicensing the Product or any part thereof.

                                            1. Government & Military.

                                              To use the Product in any government or military related applications.

                                              1. Self-Host High-Resolution Imagery.

                                                To access MapTiler’s high-resolution satellite imagery offering for self-hosting (for use exclusively with MapTiler Server).

                                                1. Replace MapTiler Map Content.

                                                  To use the MapTiler Server software for serving only your own data, basemap and geocoding content, instead of your own data with MapTiler basemap and geocoding content.

                                                  1. Commercial Derivative Work.

                                                    To produce derivative work, including but not limited to printing, video production, or exports using the map data.

                                                    1. Host On Public Cloud.

                                                      It is prohibited to host and serve the Map Content from a public cloud. The public cloud is defined as computing services offered by third-party providers over the public Internet.

                                                      Hosting and serving the Data from the public cloud can be replaced with the use of the MapTiler Cloud service. Read more at

                                                      1. Tile Scraping.

                                                        It is prohibited to batch or bulk download map tiles and stitch them into a map for reserving to your customers or users.

                                                        1. Export Usage.

                                                          Unless otherwise agreed in writing with MapTiler, it is prohibited to export Map Content for usage outside the customer application.

                                                          1. Reverse Engineering.

                                                            The Customer shall not modify, disassemble, decompile, or otherwise reverse engineer the Product, nor attempt to derive any source code, ideas, or underlying structure from the Product.

                                                            1. Commercial Derivatives.

                                                              Except as expressly permitted by these Terms, Customer shall not trace, derive or extract, Map Content, data and/or information from the Product.

                                                              The Customer shall not use the Product to develop, test, validate, and/or improve any other service or dataset that is a substitute to the Product, including any component thereof.

                                                              1. Account Sharing And Unauthorized Access.

                                                                It is prohibited to share user account access credentials to have an individual’s account shared among multiple people. Interfering with, disrupting, or attempting to gain unauthorized access to any of MapTiler's accounts, services, or infrastructure is prohibited.

                                                                1. Obfuscation.

                                                                  The Customer shall not modify, hide, or delete any product identification, rights, or notices included in the Product.

                                                                  1. Share Alike.

                                                                    The Customer shall not link, merge, or integrate the Product or any component thereof with any software governed by any open source license or “share-alike” licensing terms in such a way that would cause the Product to become subject to any such license or licensing term.

                                                                    1. Irresponsible Use Of Service.

                                                                      The Customer is prohibited from using the Product to:

                                                                      1. Disseminate abusive, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, harassing, grossly offensive, vulgar, threatening, or malicious material.

                                                                      2. Create databases of personally identifying information that infringes on basic human rights or civil liberties of individuals on the basis of protected classifications under applicable laws (e.g. race, gender, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, national origin).

                                                                      3. Violate the intellectual property or proprietary rights of any person, including MapTiler.

                                                                      4. Be used in the operation of a product or service where failure or use could result in death, personal injury, or environmental/property damage.

                                                                      5. Host, transmit, or provide information subject to applicable government regulations, including but not limited to health information, financial information, or consumer-reporting information.

                                                                    1. Updates.

                                                                      Updates to the Product are supplied to the Customer only if the Customer holds an active subscription or a custom license which includes access to updates.

                                                                      All Updates are subject to the same license conditions as the Product.

                                                                      1. Support.

                                                                        Support for the Product is provided on the best effort basis. We do our best to respond to all submitted tickets within two (2) business days, with priority given to critical requests which impact general availability and usage.

                                                                        Support tickets can be submitted via the MapTiler Support portal at or via email to