GDAL2Tiles Google Zurich Office Presentation

Published Aug 16, 2008 Updated Sep 04, 2008

I visited Google Zurich Office and made there a presentation about my Google Summer of Code project GDAL2Tiles during the Google Open Source Jam Session.

It was an excellent opportunity to meet some of the Google Engineers personally, discuss with them the Google technology and also to see the Google Zurich Office. All the presentations of other SoC projects and talking with authors was also cool.

I presented a poster (PDF 15 Mb) and had a short talk about my project. You can have a look at slideshow with 3D animations of maps from GDAL2Tiles on YouTube.

Update: You can also have a look at a report from OpenSource Jam on Google Open-Source Blog.

Petr Pridal

Founder & CEO
Published on Aug 16, 2008

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