Warping maps: map reprojection on HTML5 Canvas

Published Oct 29, 2009 Updated Mar 18, 2014

Proof of concept for the transformation of map projections with calculation in JavaScript and displaying with HTML5 Canvas in a modern web browser.

See: http://www.klokantech.com/labs/map-reprojection-html5-canvas/ Developed during the FOSS4G 2009 code sprint in Sydney in September  More details:http://openlayers.org/blog/2009/10/26/openlayers-at-the-foss4g-code-sprint/

Foto from the OpenLayers code sprint blog post: Klokan Petr Přidal showing Mike Adair and Marc Jansen that proj4js can do more than just vector reprojection.

Petr Pridal

Founder & CEO
Published on Oct 29, 2009

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