MapTiler and GDAL2Tiles recommended at Google I/O 2011

Published May 11, 2011 Updated Mar 19, 2014

Google I/O developer-focused conference is an annual conference which was held in San Francisco, California in May 10-11, 2011. At Google I/O 2011 conference, within the presentation called High Performance KML for Maps and Earth, several Google employees recommended our software.

Sean Askay and Mano Marks from Google recommended MapTiler and GDAL2Tiles: and

“It is as simple as to specify an input file and an output directory, and it just goes and magically generates these tiles for you.”

“Pretty simple, huh? And if that’s not simple enough there is even a GUI called MapTiler at”.  Said Chris Broadfoot, Maps API team, Google Inc. about our software.

At the picture Sean Askay and Mano Marks, Google developers during their presentation talking about MapTiler:

Google engineers were discussing techniques for reducing bandwidth usage, applying incremental changes, styling, and other ways to supercharge KML at Google I/O 2011.

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