NOAA pilots use Open-source Tileserver

Published June 1st, 2016

NOAA pilot using MapTiler software

Open source software Tileserver.php developed by Klokan Technologies helps NOAA pilots to acquire new aerial imagery. 

The base maps pre-rendered with MapTiler are stored on a small Intel NUC I7 on board, where tileserver.php is installed. Via local Wifi, the maps are streamed to an iPad attached to a pilot dashboard showing the position of an airplane and exact area of a taken photography.

The system is in active use and was presented by Jon Sellars and Jason Woolard from NOAA on FOSS4G NA 2016.


Open-source software used for hosting of maps on the board:

MapBox GL JS 

The open-source library used for displaying free OpenStreetMap vector tiles (OSM2VectorTiles, now replaced by OpenMapTiles). JavaScript Map Library


Software used for pre-rendering of the aerial imagery into raster tiles.