OpenMapTiles v3.5: From runways to mountain peaks

Published April 10th, 2017

Airport map from OpenStreetMap

New release of OpenMapTiles is here! Ready to take a look at major changes? Fasten your seatbelt, because we start at the airport! 

The aeroway layer now contains runways and taxiways as linestrings starting at zoom level 11. Previously only aeroway polygons were available starting at zoom level 12, so now you can see more even at lower zoom level. 

Attribute network of transportation_name layer is now filled-in for three major road networks of the USA, Transcanadian highway, and UK’s motorways and A roads. This change enables to display network-specific road shields in the map.2017-04-10-openmaptiles-v35-from-runways-to_2.jpgWe also adjusted zoom levels of both transportation_name and transportation to show more roads and road numbers at lower zoom levels.

Our tiles now speak German! Together with name and name_en we added also name_de attribute that contains German name if available. This change is available for all layers having name attribute including place, poi, and waterway. Viel Spass!2017-04-10-openmaptiles-v35-from-runways-to_3.jpgRelease 3.5 introduces also brand new layer mountain_peak with mountain peaks and their elevation in both meters and feet. Mountain peaks start at zoom level 7 with only the most important peaks, up to the zoom level 14, that contains all of them.2017-04-10-openmaptiles-v35-from-runways-to_4.jpgWe hope you enjoyed the flight! More information available in release notes. Download prepared extracts from

Dalibor Janak

Dalibor Janak

Senior Product Manager & Tech Lead
Published on April 10th, 2017