Welkom, MapTiler.NL!

Published November 19th, 2019

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We are proud to announce MapTiler.NL, where you can find maps in the Dutch language, maps from official government data and a contact to a technical team in Utrecht.

Maps focused on the Netherlands

Street and satellite maps of the entire world can show country and city names in Dutch, English or any of the 60 supported languages.

Fast loading of maps is accomplished by servers located in Amsterdam, Brussel and other 150 data centers on 5 continents.

Cartiqo: vector tiles for Dutch government data

Open data from Kadaster and Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek are used for creating Cartiqo maps thanks to a cooperation between Webmapper and MapTiler.

Vector tiles, raster tiles, web map services and Static Maps API are available for this and any other datasets on MapTiler Cloud, including maps you upload.2019-11-19-welkom-maptiler-nl-2.pngCartiqo and Streets map

For presenting highly accurate authoritative data like cadaster or official government maps, we provide OSM based maps in the Dutch legal reference system RD New (Rijksdriehoekstelsel/EPSG:28992). Cartiqo maps in RD New will be available soon.

Vector tiles, raster tiles, web map services and Static Maps API are available for maps from official government data.

Generating maps in this coordinate system and direct upload to MapTiler Cloud will be possible with the MapTiler Desktop in the upcoming 10.3 release, which is planned for late Q4 2019.

High-resolution satellite map

An extremely detailed satellite map of the entire Netherlands can be used on websites or in mobile apps.

With a resolution of 25 cm/px, you can easily spot details like separate trees, people, and, in case of the Netherlands, individual bikes.2019-11-19-welkom-maptiler-nl-3.jpg

MapTiler.NL, your starting point for maps in Dutch

Create a free account to start using the MapTiler Maps API.

For special requests, contact our team in Utrecht.2019-11-19-welkom-maptiler-nl-4.jpg

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Martin Elias

Published on November 19th, 2019