MapTiler Desktop 10.3

Published December 10th, 2019

MapTiler Engine 10.3 with PDF support

Generating maps from PDFs or GeoPDFs was significantly improved and support for the RD New tile grid has been added in the new MapTiler Desktop 10.3.

Faster PDF or GeoPDF processing

Quicker and much more beautiful maps will get users who are generating maps of venues, floor plans or blueprints in the PDF format. The library which powers maps rendering from PDFs has been upgraded to the latest version.

Improved PDFium library on Windows / macOS (which is also used by Google for displaying PDFs in Chrome) was integrated into GDAL thanks to our team member Martin Mikita and Even Rouault.

In future versions, we are planning to add more improvements for PDF files like layer selection.2019-12-10-maptiler-desktop-10-3-2.png

Process maps containing Dutch government data

Highly accurate Dutch government data like cadaster maps can be now generated thanks to new custom Tiling preset Rijksdriehoekstelsel/RD New; EPSG:28992.

Direct upload to our map hosting is possible since MapTiler Desktop 10.2 in GeoPackage format. Your data can be here displayed or mixed with base maps in RD New or Cartiqo maps created from official government open-data (Kadaster and Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek).2019-12-10-maptiler-desktop-10-3-3.png

Other improvements and future plans

  • Improved map rendering in the Czech S-JTSK tile grid
  • Changed arguments for custom Tiling presets [Pro]
  • Fixed issues with a library used for licensing
  • Small improvements in the graphic interface

We are working hard on MapTiler Desktop 11, which will use a newer graphical library, introduce updated UI and other improvements.

Download MapTiler Desktop 10.3

Download the new MapTiler Desktop 10.3 for free!

Martin Mikita

Martin Mikita

Senior Tech Lead & Developers Chief
Published on December 10th, 2019