Maps for Dark mode

Published May 29th, 2020

Dark mode for maps

re you creating a mobile app or website with dark mode and looking for a map to fit the design? Try Dark and Night maps or create your own!

Dark and Night map styles

The Dark style is a black map designed to minimize the distraction of users, who can focus on data you are presenting on top of them without being interrupted. Everything is as dim as possible and the contrast is just enough to make the map still readable.

The Night map is more “fancy”. Labels have high contrast and it is easy-to-read. The Night map can be used in apps where you don’t want to blind your users with a white map, e.g. for navigation in the cities during the night hours.

Create your own dark map design

Neither Dark nor Night is a “standalone” map. Both are derivated from other map styles in the Customize tool just by changing a few colors.


You can create your own map style: read this how-to or jump directly to the Customize tool. You can use Dark and Night presets as a base and just slightly adjust them or start from scratch with any other map style.

Magdalena Kuchejdova

Magdalena Kuchejdova

content creator
Published on May 29th, 2020