Maps for Adobe After Effects

Published December 2nd, 2020


Maps are crucial tools to give your stories geographic context. For visual content creators, the GEOlayers plugin in Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool for adding maps into videos.

MapTiler has partnered with GEOlayers to offer its pre-made and fully customizable maps into Adobe After Effects. 

GEOlayers plugin for Adobe After Effects 

Maps in a video can serve more purposes than just pinpointing a place being discussed. Maps might highlight different objects, trace them on the move, visualize data about selected areas, and compare areas. These geographic visuals can also serve as purely artistic features.

It is possible to use static maps in videos, however, this detracts from the overall flow and feeling conveyed by moving picture videos. To give your audience the most engrossing viewing experience, maps should be dynamic, with the ability to zoom in and out, pan, rotate, follow selected objects or fly through photorealistic 3D terrain. All of these effects are producible with MapTiler maps in the GEOlayers plugin.

After downloading and installing the GEOlayers plugin and activating the MapTiler Cloud subscription, you can add a selection of pre-set maps or a customized map, and produce an animation for your video.

Maps perfectly fitting your video

Thanks to the vector tile technology used by MapTiler, the maps can be completely customized to fit your use case.

You can change colors of your map, adjust the width of lines, pick a favorite font or completely remove selected map elements, all directly from the GEOlayers plugin!

The only limit is your creativity. For representing historical themes, you can get a map imitating ancient charts and maps. For corporate videos, you can adjust the map to automatically use the coloring scheme of your logo. You can add your own data to the map and have it be integrated subtly or let it stand out with a contrasting map design.

Start with the GEOlayers plugin

Download the GEOlayers plugin from and follow the installation instructions. To learn the basics about the plugin, watch the tutorial below.

MapTiler offers flexible licensing plans for maps used in video productions of any size, with pricing that is affordable also for smaller products.

Luis Suter

Luis Suter

Sales Director
Published on December 2nd, 2020